Mission Friends

  Mission Friends  
Because it is so important to share the Word of God with all neighbors near and far, St. John's includes a special workshop in our Sunday school program for grades K-5th to teach this very lesson:  the Mission workshop.

With the help of the fabulous Mission Friends curriculum from Concordia Publishing House, the Mission workshop allows the children to spend one Sunday each month focusing on countries that are in great need of hearing God's Word.  For each country they study, the children will receive a magazine filled with fun bits of information, activities, games, songs, recipes, and even specific ways they can get involved in helping spread the Word to that particular country.  Each child will also receive a Mission Friends passport, which is a fun keepsake with room for children to collect stamps from each country they study.

This Sunday school term the following countries will be focused on:
India  (January 2013)
Russia  (February 2013)
Vietnam  (March 2013)
Togo  (April 2013)