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  Bulletins, Newsletters, and other Documents  
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1/6/2019   Bulletin - Epiphany Download
5/30/2019   Bulletin-Ascension Download
4/21/2019   Bulletin-Easter Download
5/26/2019   Bulletin-Easter 6 (Rogate) Download
4/21/2019   Bulletin-Easter Sunrise Download
5/12/2019   Bulletin-Easter4 (Jubilate) Download
5/19/2019   Bulletin-Easter5 (Cantate) Download
6/2/2019   Bulletin-Easter7 (Exaudi) Download
4/28/2019   Bulletin-Estr2 Quasimodo Geniti Download
5/5/2019   Bulletin-Estr3 Misericordia Domini (Confirmation Sunday) Download
2/3/2019   Bulletin-Fourth Sunday after Epiphany Download
4/19/2019   Bulletin-Good Friday (evening), Tenebrae Vespers Download
4/19/2019   Bulletin-Good Friday (day), Adoration of the Holy Cross Download
4/20/2019   Bulletin-Holy Saturday Easter Vigil Download
4/15/2019   Bulletin-Holy Week Meditations (M-T-W) Download
3/13/2019   Bulletin-Lent Midweek Download
3/10/2019   Bulletin-Lent1 Invocabit Download
3/17/2019   Bulletin-Lent2 Reminiscere Download
3/24/2019   Bulletin-Lent3 Oculi Download
3/31/2019   Bulletin-Lent4 Laetare Download
4/7/2019   Bulletin-Lent5 Judica Download
4/18/2019   Bulletin-Maundy Thursday Download
5/27/2019   Bulletin-Memorial Day Download
6/24/2019   Bulletin-Ntvty St. John the Baptist Download
4/14/2019   Bulletin-Palm Sunday Download
6/9/2019   Bulletin-Pentecost Download
3/3/2019   Bulletin-Quinquagesima Download
1/20/2019   Bulletin-Second Sunday after Epiphany Download
2/17/2019   Bulletin-Septuagesima Download
2/24/2019   Bulletin-Sexagesima Download
1/13/2019   Bulletin-The Baptism of Our Lord Download
6/16/2019   Bulletin-The Holy Trinity Download
1/27/2019   Bulletin-Third Sunday after Epiphany Download
2/10/2019   Bulletin-Transfiguration of Our Lord Download
6/23/2019   Bulletin-Trinity1 Download
6/30/2019   Bulletin-Trinity2 Download
7/7/2019   Bulletin-Trinity3 Download
7/14/2019   Bulletin-Trinity4 Download
7/21/2019   Bulletin-Trinity5 Download