Last Saturday the church celebrated the important annual festival of Saint Michael and All Angels.  This feast reminds us that God serves us through other creatures, in this case good, powerful, invisible, obedient creatures called the "holy angels."  They are holy because they reflect God's perfect holiness as obedient creatures and so stand near to God, waiting for His Word and command.  The liturgical color for the feast day is white, a color also assigned for the feast days of many important people who "stood near" to Christ during His life and mission:

a.  The Virgin Mary, Mother of God

b.  Joseph, the Guardian of our Lord

c.  John, Apostle and Evangelist

d.  The Nativity of John the Baptizer

e.  Saint Mary Magdalene (the first person to witness the risen Jesus)

We Christians, who have had our sins forgiven by God's grace for Christ's sake, have been clothed with that spotless white garment of Jesus' bloody righteousness for us.  The angels stand near to God to listen for His Word of command, we stand near to Jesus (the Word made flesh Who came to dwell among us--John 1:14) to listen for His loving Word of absolution.