History of the Church

  History of the Church  

150 years!

St John's was founded in 1864, and the first church stood here from 1866-1880. Services were conducted in German well into the 20th century. All the buildings since have stood in the same spot since then. The school has been part of the church since the first days.

1881 - 1927

The second building stood from 1881 until 1927, when it was claimed by fire. The church was rebuilt of brick & mortar immediately afterward. The church saw great growth during this period, including the parsonage in 1910 and a new school building in 1924.

1928 - Present

Our current church was built in 1928. Recent renovations and additions have changed it to what you see today. The largest renovation changed the orientation of the sanctuary by 90 degrees, moving the altar from the west wall to the north. The precious original stained glass windows were restored and reinstalled in the new sanctuary. Although the buildings may have been replaced or changed, the steadfastness of the congregation to the right preaching of God's Law & Gospel has remained firm. St John's is currently served faithfully by Rev Steven Briel and Rev Matthew Johnson.

Booklet from our 125th anniversary

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