Mercy Fund

  Mercy Fund  

What Is It?

The Mercy Fund is an emergency assistance fund for members of our congregation who may, at one time or other, find themselves in desperate circumstances.  This fund can provide food, gas, and car repairs to individuals or families who are struggling financially.

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How Did It Get Started?

The Mercy Fund was started through the generous donations of a few St. John’s members to help out a particular family in need.  Enough money was donated to not only help that family but others as well, so the extra money was put into a fund – The Mercy Fund.  Since then, St. John’s has been providing support to one to three families per year.

How To Contribute:

Anyone can contribute to the Mercy Fund using cash or checks by simply writing the amount of the donation on a church offering envelope or regular envelope and labeling it “Mercy Fund” and putting it in the offering plate.  Donations may also be dropped off in the church office.

Who To Contact If You Need Help:

Gretchen Kliche – 763-477-6136 or
Marv Cummins – 763-420-2317

“…they gave to anyone as he had need.”  (Acts 2:45b)