Live Stream

  Live Stream  
Holy Week Live Stream Schedule:

Maundy Thursday - 7pm

Good Friday - 12:30pm

Saturday Easter Vigil - 7pm

Easter Sunday - 10:30am


The live stream can now be found on FaceBook Live at

Note that you DO NOT need a FaceBook account to stream the videos on this page and can ignore the banner or prompt to create an account or login. 
Click "not now" if a popup prompt appears.


How should a family worship by Live-Stream?

The best way to get the most out of this temporary set-up is to keep things in your family as regular as possible:

  • Print the bulletin (link) or use your hymnals
  • Dress like you would dress for church
  • Stand when we stand, sit when we sit
  • Sing along with the hymns
  • Watch at the live time, Sunday morning, setting it aside as first priority instead of looking for whatever time is most convenient for you
  • Limit the distractions, toys, and tech so that the time is truly "sacred" (set-apart) for Christ and His means of grace

These ideas can help you focus on the Service of the Word and will also help you prevent bad habits from developing until you can return to the full, in-person Divine Services

(If you cannot access the bulletin, either turn off your popup blocker or follow this link